How to Keep Your Get-Healthy Goals on Track

How to Keep Your Get-Healthy Goals on Track


Don’t lose sight of your New Year’s fitness and healthy-eating resolutions! Get our guide to overcoming common obstacles.

Hands up if you’ve ever planned to go to an exercise class – and were sidetracked by a phone call? Or the latest episode of that must-see drama? Or just … life? If distractions and obstacles keep getting in the way of your healthy eating or fitness goals, don’t sweat it. Our practical solutions will help you maintain your momentum and achieve the resolutions you set on New Year’s Day.

Obstacle #1: Bad Weather

It’s too cold to exercise. Or too wet. Or too windy. Rather than skipping a workout session, keep this mantra in mind: “There’s no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong clothes.” If it’s only drizzling or a little blustery, put on a waterproof hooded jacket or a warm fleece and some ear warmers and get out there. If the weather is especially harsh, grab an exercise DVD and follow along in front of the TV, or do some sprints up and down the stairs to get the blood pumping. It still counts as a workout session, plus you’re close to the kitchen for that post-workout snack.

Obstacle #2: The “Snack o’clock”

You’ve had a nutritious breakfast, packed a homemade veggie-centric lunch …and then the clock hits 11 a.m. (aka “snack o’clock”). Warning: Your healthy eating habits are in danger! According to a recent study, this is the time of day you’re most likely to fall off the wellness wagon and eat unhealthy snacks, which can add a whopping 750 calories to your daily intake. Other “snack o’clocks” typically occur around 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.  Watch out for those inevitable cravings and prepare on-the-go healthier options like baby carrots and hummus or dried fruit with raw nuts.

Obstacle #3: The Bad Night’s Sleep

Is it just us, or does a bad night’s sleep make it nearly impossible to stick to a workout or healthy eating plan the next day? With up to 50 percent of adults experiencing occasional insomnia, it’s no surprise that many of us are just too tired to be healthy. But experts say exercising is a key strategy for improving sleep, not to mention the fact that it releases endorphins in your brain – the perfect antidote to a groggy mood. Looks like it might be worth going for that power walk after all.

Obstacle #4: The Friend

You have every intention of following a healthy diet … until you meet your friend for coffee and she insists, “Just one slice of cake won’t hurt.” Sound familiar? Research has found that one in five friends will try to sabotage your diet with treats or dinner invites, while one in seven will try to persuade you to stop dieting altogether. Which leaves you with the dilemma of dropping either your social life or the health kick, right? We’ve got a better solution: For your next meet-up, suggest a long walk around the neighborhood, or invite your friend to your house for a cup of tea or coffee. If you need something sweet, why not skip the cake and split a bar of antioxidant-packed dark chocolate instead?

Obstacle #5: Smelly Workout Wear

Have you ever noticed that gym clothes sometimes retain a funky odor even after you’ve washed them? It certainly doesn’t make for a pleasant exercise class or evening jog, and it might discourage you from exercising at all. Keep your workout clothes smelling fresh by washing them with Tide PODS Plus Febreze Sport Odor Defense. Follow up with Downy Fresh Protect Active Fresh In-Wash Odor Shield Scent Beads with motion-activated fresheners that neutralize bad odors. It’s like deodorant for your clothes!

Tip: If you’re lucky enough to have a home gym, keep it smelling fresh by spritzing Febreze AIR throughout the room at least once a week!

Obstacle #6: The Streaming Service

It’s 7 p.m., your weekly yoga class is about to start … but you’ve just realized the new period drama you’ve been dying to watch is now available on your favorite streaming service. There’s no competition, really. Or is there? Come on, pick up that yoga mat and head for the door! That show will be a well-earned treat when you return later with your “I just worked out” glow.

What gets in the way of your get-healthy intentions – and how do you power through? Log in or register to share your tips in the P&G everyday community.


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