Transforming Your Home into a Romantic Valentine’s Getaway

Unplug from the world and focus on each other at home this Valentine’s Day.

Some say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – or his taste buds. Imagine taking that sentiment a bit further with an experience that has the power to awaken all of the senses…

Make this Valentine’s Day about authentic reconnection. En tu casa.

Yes. You and your partner focusing on each other, away from the crowded restaurants and spaces. A night at home in your element, your favorite way — from casual and laid back to more fixed up (if that’s your thing). All you have to do is devise a plan.

Set the Stage
First, make it clear that you’d like to spend Valentine’s Day at home this year and that you’d like to do something special for him. Right away, he will feel a sense of relief. Making accommodations and planning the perfect dinner are no longer his responsibility.

Establish the Mood
Have your space ready for him to walk into an immersive experience. Ask him to relinquish his phone or gadget of choice for the evening, and replace the small screen with candlelight. Try arranging mason jars full of battery-powered LED light strands that capture the whimsical, romantic quality of fireflies. Let these elements act as the lighting in your space.

Create Some Nostalgia
Nostalgia has a way of creating a wonderful sense of romance. Share your memories with him and allow him to do the same. Gentle notes of vanilla and cinnamon from strategically placed, scented candles help remind him of a time that you shared the perfect dessert in the perfect location.

Make a Tasty Meal
For any meal that you choose to prepare, take advantage of the fact that a homemade meal has the unique power to fill a kitchen with a powerful aroma.

Prepare something for dinner that will allow you to take advantage of another opportunity to awaken his senses. Consider a rich chocolate mole dish, paella full of chorizo, shrimp and mussels or another dish that you know he is particularly fond of.

Again, share memories of a special dinner or event that you have enjoyed together. Keep the conversation alive by keeping it light and fun.

Dine at a table adorned with colorful dishes and sparkling glassware. A floral centerpiece and his favorite music playing softly in the background will enhance the overall romantic feel of the evening.

Dessert and a Movie
After your meal, take his hand and lead him to the living room where jars of his favorite candies and bowls of popcorn will be waiting atop a blanket situated on the floor with several fluffy pillows.

Surprise him by having a movie that he loves — or one he’s wanted to see — ready to play Think casual and restful. Leave the rest of the world outside of your romantic space for the evening. Talk of work, busy schedules and kids can wait.

The beauty of a special Valentine’s Day celebration at home is the flexibility. You make the most of the space and allow the space to work for the two of you.


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