Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe for Less

Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe for Less

With these simple tips, you can update your wardrobe for less – just in time for spring!

As spring gets a little closer, it may be time to start thinking about a few ways to update your wardrobe – without spending a fortune.

Although fashion changes with each season, there are always pieces you count on to instantly stay on trend. The key is finding what works for you! Figure out what colors work best and what pieces look flattering on your body type.

Tips to Update for Less
The first place to “shop” is in your own closet – this step will help you save you a lot of money in the long run. For instance, that old cotton blazer might just need to be taken in a bit to be updated for the season. Take any older clothes to a tailor to get refit.

After that, why not stop by your local thrift stores? You can often find some amazing name-brand items that need minimal alterations to look great, and you never know what you’re going to find.

Lastly, having the right laundry products on hand can help prolong the life of those older garments, while keeping your newer ones looking new:

Now that you know how to shop, here are a few suggestions for what to shop for:

1. Jeans
Jean trends often come and go – flare jeans, anyone? – so there’s nothing wrong with buying some new ones each year. Look for a cute and trendy pair that doesn’t break the bank. In terms of wash color, darker jeans can often be worn with a more formal top to dress them up. Lighter washes are best for more casual occasions, like coffee dates with friends or running errands!

2. Blousy T-Shirt
A blousy shirt in cotton can be worn so many different ways – it may just end up being one of your most-worn items. Find a cut and style you love, then buy in a few neutral colors for even more versatility.

3. Accessories
From jewelry and handbags to scarves and belts, on-trend accessories can always be found at reasonable prices. Stack some of your favorite bracelets for instant sparkle and shine. Look for clutch handbags in various colors and sizes – one for every occasion.

Colorful scarves can instantly update your look with minimal cost. Buy several in your favorite colors and patterns, and wear them often! You can find some with a punch of floral, color blocking or any other spring styles.

4. Jackets and Blazers
This year, jackets run the gamut when it comes to style, so try some on and pick your favorites! There’s the boyfriend, motorcycle, varsity, bomber and, of course, the classic blazer and denim jacket.

The golden rule of refreshing your wardrobe: Keep and buy clothes that make you look and feel good, inside and out. If an old garment is no longer bringing you joy, toss (or donate) it and go get yourself a new one! And don’t forget that having the right laundry products on hand goes a long way in preserving your most-loved items.

How do you plan on refreshing your wardrobe this spring? Let us know in the comments below!


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