How to Love and Look After Your Skin

How to Love and Look After Your Skin


Be kind to your skin! Learn how to preserve your youthful glow with our top 6 tips.

Smart skincare habits are essential for keeping your complexion youthfuland ageless – and the tips below will help you do exactly that. Keep inmind that it’s not about fighting the passage of time, but about embracingit with grace and poise so you can continue to look and feel as good as youalways have.

1. Cleanse with Care

Choose a gentle cleanser packed with anti-aging nutrients so you’re feedingyour complexion rather than depleting it of moisture (as some harshcleansers can do). To give your skin a clean slate, day or night, wash yourface withOlay Regenerist Cleansing Whip Facial Cleanser, which removes dirt, oil and daily buildup from your face and leaves skinfeeling light as air.

2. Incorporate the Miracle Workers

If you don’t use a serum yet, now is the time to start. Serums containeffective skin-boosting ingredients in a more concentrated and absorbableformula. A serum likeOlay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serumis specially designed to regenerate surface cells and deliver anti-agingingredients 10 layers deep into the skin’s surface, instantly helping todiminish the look of wrinkles.

Follow up with a daily moisturizer with SPF to help protect your skinagainst sun damage. We love light-as-airOlay Regenerist Whips SPF 25– it transforms from cream to liquid on contact for fast absorption and abreathable feel. No stickiness or greasiness here!

3. Adjust Your Makeup

You may be tempted to increase the amount of makeup you use to cover upwrinkles or blemishes, but caked-on or powdery foundation is actually lessflattering because it settles into fine lines and wrinkles, making themmore noticeable. Instead, use makeup to increase hydration and create anatural glow. Use a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone whileadding a dewy radiance.

4. Brighten up Your Look

Rather than focusing on heavy eye makeup, opt for a flattering pop of blushor bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and sides of your forehead to makeyour look more vibrant. Address dark shadows with a yellow-toned under-eyeconcealer, and keep your eyebrows groomed and shaped – this will help liftyour whole face, making you look and feel more awake.

5. Focus on Fats

Eating a healthy diet can help your skin look its radiant best. This meansavoiding unhealthy trans fats – found in baked goods and fried andprocessed foods – which can cause your skin to look dull. At the same time,increase your intake of healthy fats to keep your skin supple and reduceinflammation and blemishes. Finally, make sure you add foods rich inomega-3 fatty acids, like flaxseed, walnuts, salmon, avocado and dark greenleafy vegetables, to your daily menu.

6. Get Enough Rest

Making time for quality sleep – seven to nine hours each night – can dowonders for your skin. While you’re sleeping, your skin makes new collagen,which can help prevent sagging and wrinkles. With the right amount ofsleep, your eyes will also look less puffy, especially if you elevate yourhead with an extra pillow while you snooze.


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